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Managed IT Services 101: Managed IT Services Save Business Money and Time

As your business grows, you’re forced to make decisions that will impact your future, particularly when it comes to your network and IT department. The services you invest in today can help you save money, time and hassle later and allow you to scale your business at a pace that really works for you. Every successful small business reaches the point where they are forced to make a choice between hiring an in-house IT person or choosing a managed IT services provider. Learning more about managed IT services can help you decide if this option is right for your business and allow you to get the best ROI on your IT services investment.

What is Managed IT?

A managed services provider acts as your own in-house IT department, making sure you are always up to date and secure and protecting your network 24/7.  Managed IT services can boost your productivity, roll back your costs and secure your data assets and can be scaled to match your needs.

Benefits of Using Outsourced IT Services

Reduced Costs

One of the top benefits of opting for managed IT services is the cost efficiency. You won’t have to hire a dedicated team member to handle your computer related tasks; an employee requires not only a salary but benefits and training costs as well. To be effective, your in-house employee needs to be up to date on certifications and ready to handle any tasks you need addressed without additional support. If that worker leaves, you’ll have to start all over again; according to HR experts at ERE Media, you’ll pay about 40% of a skilled tech worker’s annual salary to replace him.

With managed IT services, you don’t have to worry about hiring, training or retaining employees; the provider will take care of these details. In addition to the salary related savings, the right service provider can make sure you are spending your capital strategically and not buying equipment or software you do not need.

Save Time

A staffer who knows “a little” about computers may be able to help you get started, but they simply won’t have the skills or the time to dedicate to your network. To run effectively, your system needs to be treated proactively and always be in peak condition. If you are the person who has to fix things when they go wrong, you won’t really be able to focus on growing your business.

The regular maintenance and monitoring tasks performed by a managed IT services provider ensures your network is always available and ready for use. By taking a proactive approach, a provider can ensure you don’t encounter downtime; if something does happen, you have an entire team standing ready to make things right.

Gain Peace of Mind

 A single ransomware or hacking attempt could derail your entire business, particularly if you are relying on just one person to keep everything up and running. If you are worried about your customer data or your own proprietary property and information, opting for an expert managed services provider can help provide peace of mind about the security of your sensitive information. An employee, even a loyal, dedicated one, still takes time off and heads home each night; a managed services team is on the job 24/7, protecting your business and securing your data.

From improved vendor management to quick answers to your computing questions and dilemmas, a managed services provider performs all the tasks of an in-house team, without the costs and overhead. To learn more about the benefits of managed services and to find out what the process can do for you, contact us. We’re dedicated to helping you grow your business and to ensuring you can access the services you need to succeed.

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Published: Thursday, February 23, 2017